On this page you will find a some more images of NDBs which were taken by Bob, this time around his local airfields in Arizona. These include the NDBs: 'RYN' on 338.0 kHz which is located at Ryan Airfield, AZ, 'RBJ' on 220.0 kHz in 'Robles', Tucson, AZ and 'ENZ' on 394.0 kHz in Nogales, AZ, which serves Nogales International Airport.

NOTE# All of the following pictures are copyright 'Bob Coomler', and should not be re-produced with out first obtaining his permission - please ask us for his contact details if you should require them.

'RYN' is at Ryan Airfield which is owned by the City of Tucson and is primarily a general aviation airport. Ryan Airfield was originally built by the Army Air Force in World War II for training. World Aero Data spots the NDB at 111 09' 41.45" W, 32 08'18.18" N. The antenna is a vertically stacked two wire top and the power is 400 unclean watts. It is a little over 20 miles from Bob's QTH and he has a personal relationship with every spur the transmitter puts out.
RYN - Ryan Airfield, AZ
You can see how the power from the transmitter building is passed up to the 'T' antenna here.

RYN - Ryan Airfield, AZ
Nice side on shot of the two masts.

RYN - Ryan Airfield, AZ
Quite a high fence around the transmitter building.

RYN - Ryan Airfield, AZ
Nice view of the top of one of the masts.

NDB "ENZ - 394.0 kHz", NOGALES, AZ, USA:
'ENZ' is located at Nogales International Airport. This is a sleepy little uncontrolled airport that has been designated a port of entry (it's less than six miles north of the Mexican border) hence the "International". It is owned by Santa Cruz County. There is the FBO with one or two folks, a snack bar staffed with one person and usually two very bored Border Patrol agents. The NDB listed location is 110 50' 47.21"W, 31 25' 16.95"N. Power is shown to be 100 watts, but I doubt that is even close; 20-25 watts maybe.
ENZ - Nogales, AZ
Nice view of the lattice tower and capacity hat in this shot.

ENZ - Nogales, AZ
This picture offers a close up view of the Capacity Hat.

ENZ - Nogales, AZ
Nogales International Airport terminal Building.

NDB "RBJ - 220.0 kHz", 'ROBLES', TUCSON, AZ, USA:
The 'RBJ' NDB is located on the grounds of the Tucson Rifle Club shooting range and Bob said he wasn't prepared to spend the morning there being a finicky photographer - very wise of him!:-) RBJ serves Ryan Airfield and is located 60,876 feet from the approach end of Runway 6. Power is 10 watts. World Aero Data has this at 111 21' 37.11W and 32 04'26.55"W.
RBJ - 'Robles', Tucson, AZ
This is another 'T' type antenna which uses two wooden masts.

RBJ - 'Robles', Tucson, AZ
In this shot you can get a nice view of the three wires in the top of the 'T'.

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