On this page you will find a some very interesting pictures of the NDB 'VYI' at Kahului, Maui, which transmits on 327.0 kHz, these were taken by Bob on a trip there in February 2013.

Also shown on this page is a series of shots taken by Bob during a visit to Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia, and this shows the lighthouse there which he recently visited. Bob was pleasantly surprised to find that part of the site recognized the NDB that used to operate there. The photos below show the transmitter, generator and crew and an explanation of the NDB, plus footings for the tower and guys. The callsign of this NDB, as can be seen from the pictures, was 'AXB', and according to the Australian Lighthouses website was installed in 1955, and, it is assumed, ran until the International closedown of Marine beacons in 1999. At any rate, the Lighthouse was automated in September 1992, so it would likely have gone by then at the latest. The frequency used by the beacon appears to have been 304 kHz.

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AXB Cape Leeuwin
VYI on 327.0 kHz at Kahului, Maui, Hawaii - Note the 'T' type antenna used with this NDB.

AXB Cape Leeuwin
Nice view of the compound entrance.

AXB Cape Leeuwin
View of the transmitter building.

AXB Cape Leeuwin
Wonder if the pilot was using the NDB?

AXB Cape Leeuwin
This picture shows several of the former keepers at the Lighthouse.

AXB Cape Leeuwin
This image shows the Transmitter, Aerial and footings of the NDB.

AXB Cape Leeuwin
In this shot you can see what now remains of the footings for the aerial mast.

AXB Cape Leeuwin
Nowadays the Lighthouse is painted white and looks very impressive.

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We're very grateful to Bob for sharing this wonderful piece of NDB history with us, and if you have shots of your own that you would also like to see on display here in the NDB List Photo Gallery, we would love to hear from you too!

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