On this page you will find a some very nice pictures of NDBs in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, which were taken by Bob during a visit there in September 2013, these include the NDBs:'GBR' on 395.0 kHz which is located at Great Barrington, MA, 'AS' on 359.0 kHz in Nashua, NH and 'MJ' on 209.0 kHz in Lawrence Corner, NH.

NOTE# All of the following pictures are copyright 'Bob Coomler', and should not be re-produced with out first obtaining his permission - please ask us for his contact details if you should require them.

Bob commented that it was a cloudy day, so it was difficult to get any contrast between the antenna wires and the background sky. A not very common vertically stacked 2-wire 'hat. The fence around the transmitter building appears to keep out everything but the weeds! For anyone who may remember, this is located very close to all the Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant events from the 1960s.
GBR Great Barrington, MA
According to the North American NDB Handbook, this beacon is located at: N42 10 59, W073 24 15 and has a 1020 Hz offset.

GBR Great Barrington, MA
This shot shows the top of the support mast.

GBR Great Barrington, MA
The NDB enclosure.

GBR Great Barrington, MA
The Walter J. Koladza Airport Building (named after the man who was not only a test pilot during World War II, but also the owner of the airport for nearly 60 years until his death in 2004).

NDB "AS - 359.0 kHz", NASHUA, NH, USA:
Bob said that like 'MJ', this was carved out of a wooded area and not the slightest bit visible from the road about 100 feet away. A very nicely maintained installation. As you can see from the photographs, it was a very rainy day when he visited.
AS - Nashua, NH
The North American NDB Handbook shows this one as being located at N42 49 24 W071 36 08, and with a 1020 Hz pitch.

AS - Nashua, NH
As you can see from this photograph, this is quite an unusual and interesting looking layout.

AS - Nashua, NH
Antenna Tuning Unit plate.


Bob commented that this NDB site was carved out of a wooded area next to a pleasant rural residential road.
MJ - Lawrence Corner, NH
The NANDBH shows this as being located at N42 51 51 W071 31 44, with the usual 1020 Hz offset.

MJ - Lawrence Corner, NH
This is an interesting 'T' configuration, and note the smaller 'marker' antennas near to the transmitter building.

MJ - Lawrence Corner, NH
A better view of the Yagi antennas near to transmitter building, these are most likely the 'Marker' antennas which transmit between 74 and 76 MHz. Many of these are now combined with the NDB to create a 'Locator Outer Marker' (LOM).

MJ - Lawrence Corner, NH
Airnav lists this NDB as running 25 watts.

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