On this page you will find a collection of photographs of the NDBs and other navaids, which were photographed during a recent visit to Alaska in July 2013. The ones featured in this Gallery include: 'PJ' on 329 kHz at 'Robinson, YK, 'JB' on 326.0 kHz at 'Leberge', YK, 'DB' on 341.0 kHz at 'Burwash, YK), and 'HNS' on 245.0 kHz at 'Haines', YK. These are also accompanied by a number of shots showing what you have to go through to reach some of these remote Alaskan NDBs.

NDB's in Alaska are generally pretty hard to get to as a lot of them are on remote small islands and you need a private boat to get there. But the signals are very strong, so there's never a problem hearing them. Also, unique to just Alaska now, is the phenomenon of "TWEBs"- continuous aviation weather broadcasts on beacons. These used to be all over the country until the 1980s, but now only remain up there. The rationale is that Alaska has a lot of remote country with no cell phones, and float planes can land on zillions of lakes in the middle of nowhere, but how do they get weather info once they get there? - That's right, high power NDB's.

Using a NDB as a weather station seems like a funny thing, but the FAA started doing it clear back in the 1930s, and its a really efficient idea, but it never caught on in any other country, even Canada, which is sort of one big Alaska. I have heard a few local airport beacons in Australia with an automated voice broadcast of the local airport weather, but not regional broadcasts like a TWEB, even though Australia has many high power cross-country beacons to put them on.

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PJ 329.0 kHz
PJ on 329.0 kHz at Robinson - Robinson NDB, PJ 329 kHz south LOM for Whitehorse, YK.

NDB "JB - 236.0 kHz", LEBERGE, ALASKA:
JB 236.0 kHz
JB on 236.0 kHz at Leberge - Leberge NDB JB 236 kHz is the north approach beacon to Whitehorse, YK.

NDB "DB - 341.0 kHz", BURWASH, ALASKA:
DB 341.0 kHz
DB on 341.0 kHz at Burwash - Burwash NDB-DB 341 kHz, a very strong cross-country beacon on Alaska Highway in Yukon.

DB 341.0 kHz
Here's the Burwash beacon with Fireweed - Yukon's official territorial flower.

NDB "HNS - 245.0 kHz", HAINES, ALASKA:
HNS 245.0 kHz
A sequence describing what you have to go through to get to an Alaska NDB - Haines in this case.

HNS 245.0 kHz
VHF Antenna Site - First I thread around the locked gate at the VHF antenna site through an adjacent water tank lot.

HNS 245.0 kHz
Then down a grass-choked track one third mile to the antenna site.

HNS 245.0 kHz
Lead to the Tuner Shack - All I could see to begin with was the wire in the air with the lead down to the tuner shack.

HNS 245.0 kHz
Two tall masts cut in a slit in the trees with a shabby antenna tuner shed in the middle.

HNS 245.0 kHz
The north tower. Haines NDB is HNS 245 kHz, with the Juneau TWEB weather broadcast.

Eldred Rock Light
I didn't neglect the lighthouses. The Eldred Rock Light north of Juneau used to have a beacon.

SQM 529.0 kHz
Many of Alaska's NDB's are on remote islands. Level Island here has SQM 529 kHz, north of Ketchikan.

SQM 529.0 kHz
Listening to SQM from the Ferry - Couldn't see the SQM NDB from the ferry, but could easily tune it from my cabin with its TWEB broadcast.

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