On this page you will find some more excellent pictures, this time from Norway, and all taken by Tjaerand Bauge during a visit to the NDB 'VG', which is located at Våge, and is used by Haugesund Airport. Also shown is a map of the area showing the position of the NDB, which is of the 'T' variety, and also the other beacon for Haugesund - "FNO - FOYNO (267 kHz)" to the north west of the field. VG is listed as operating on 275 kHz, and the co-ordinates are: N59.1645 E005.2134. My thanks to Tjaerand for being kind enough to share these excellent pictures with us.

NOTE#   -   I'm very sad to report that Tjaerand passed away in December 2011. Rest In Peace fellow beacon hunter.

NDB "VG - 275.0 kHz", NORWAY:

VG MAP 80kb

VG01 85kb

VG02 65kb

VG03 51kb

VG04 50kb

VG05 43kb

VG06 68kb

VG07 85kb

VG08 54kb

VG09 82kb

VG10 73kb

VG11 68kb

VG12 64kb

VG13 117kb

VG14 93kb

VG15 41kb

We're very grateful to Tjaerand for the use of his pictures, and if you have shots of your own that you would also like to see on display here in the NDB List Photo Gallery, we would love to hear from you too!

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