On this page you will find a superb collection of NDB photographs taken by Russell Robins, N8HOQ during a beacon hunting trip with his brother and NDB enthusiast Andy Robins, KB8QGF in August 2001. Since I have very little opportunity to see what the US beacons look like it's really nice to be able to display these here, and my thanks go to Andy and Russell for allowing me to display them here, I'm sure you'll agree they're well worth viewing!

It's really great for me to be able to display NDBs from various parts of the world here, and if anyone else out there has any interesting NDB pictures they would like to share with us, or see included here please feel free to contact me with the details. I'll be only too happy to create a page in the gallery and display them for you!

NOTE# - All of the following pictures are copyright Russell Robins, N8HOQ and should not be re-produced with out first obtaining the permission of the owner - please contact me for his details.

AZ-371 NDB
AZ 371 kHz - This is a located in the city of Kalamazoo, in Michigan, USA.The access road, located just of the main road, the now turns to the left and then up the slight hill towards the VOR's new location, the old VOR was just off to the left on the other side of the gate.

HAI-Three Rivers NDB
HAI on 407 kHz - This is a located in Three Rivers Michigan, USA.

IRS Sturgis NDB
IRS on 382 kHz - This is a located at Sturgis in Michigan. Note the support masts!

IRS Sturgis NDB
IRS on 382 kHz

In this shot you can see the centre of the dipole.

IRS on 382 kHz - HLM on 233 kHz

This is located in Holland, Michigan. Note the TX building!

HLM TX building
HLM TX Building - note the feeder wire.

HLM 233 Warning
HLM Warning - Note the severe warning sign on the close up!

This is located in Benton Harbour, Michigan.

Andy & Russell also have several other Galleries as well, just click on the buttons below to visit them:

Click on the links below to hear the idents:
  • AZ - Kalamazoo heard on 371 kHz: (230 kb)
  • BE - Benton Harbour heard on 397 kHz: (213 kb)
  • HAI - Three Rivers heard on 407 kHz: (222 kb)
  • HLM - Holland heard on 233 kHz: (253 kb)
  • IRS - Sturgis heard on 382 kHz: (259 kb)

  • We're very grateful to Russell for the use of his pictures, and if you have shots of your own that you would also like to see on display here in the NDB List Photo Gallery, we would love to hear from you too!

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