A number of the images in this superb collection of NDBs were taken by Brian Keyte during a visit to Scotland in 2009, and feature both the old and new NDBs at Oban (North Connel) Airport. Oban is located on the west coast of Scotland and the airport is operated by the Argyll & Bute Council. According to their 'unofficial' web page the details of the airport are as follows: Airfield Co-ordinates N5627.67 W00524.10, Runway 20ft AMSL, bearing 01/19, Asphalt 1100 metres.

Originally, the NDB had the callsign 'CNL' and was heard on 404.0 kHz from time to time, but eventually this was replaced by a newer NDB with the callsign 'OBN'. According to an old 2004 copy of the 'European NDB Handbook' the 'CNL' beacon was located to the east of the runway at: N56 27 48 W005 23 42, whilst the new 'OBN' beacon is listed in the December 2008 edition of 'AERAD' as being located at: N56 27.6 W005 24.1. As Brian noted during his visit, the old 'CNL' NDB is still there yet and this can be seen in one of his pictures, and sporting a small vertical whip at the top of its lattice mast. The new NDB is one of the 'Monopole' types which seem to be favoured by many of the CAA Airfields in the UK. The airfield doesn't operate 24 hours a day, so the beacon may only be switched on when required, which makes it a more difficult catch. Airport hours are listed as being 0730 to 1700 in Summer, and 0830 to 1630 in Winter (local time), but in spite of these mainly daytime hours, many enthusiasts have heard this beacon during the hours of darkness, so it's always worth keeping a ear open for it on 404.0 kHz.

The third image shows the NDB at St Mary's in the Isles of Scilly off the south western part of England, and this operates with the callsign 'STM' on 321.0 kHz, and is located at: N4954.9 W00617.5 It has a listed range of 15nm, and operating hours of 0630 to 1800 in Summer, and 0830 to 1730 in Winter. This picture was taken by John, a friend of Brian's, and he has kindly allowed us to display it here, and I'm very grateful to him for sharing it with us. John speculates that the strange looking rusty contraption may be an old rig used for practising putting out fires in helicopters, which sounds like a good theory, but if anyone out there knows better then do please let us know!

The fourth batch of images show the Epsom (EPM) NDB in Surry, England, and according to AERAD, this is a 'Waypoint' beacon and the co-ordinates given for this one are: N5119.2 W00022.3; and it is operational 24/7 on 316.0 kHz.

NOTE# All of the following pictures are copyright Brian Keyte and John, and should not be re-produced with out first obtaining their permission - please ask us for their contact details if you should require them.

CNL 404
Oban (North Connel) Airport (EGEO). This old beacon is located at N56 27 48 W005 23 42, but is no longer operational.

CNL 404
This beacon is located at N56 27.6 W005 24.1 and is only operational when required. The DME is also shown, this operates on Ch 42 (110.0 MHz) with the callsign OBA.

STM 321
St. Mary's Airport (EGHE). This beacon is located at N4954.9 W00617.5 and is only operational when required.

NDB "EPM - 316.0 kHz", EPSOM, ENGLAND:
EPM 316
This waypoint beacon is located 7km west of Epsom in Surrey, England, and can be seen here in its rural setting.

EPM 316
EPM can be seen here being dwarfed by the nearby giant communications tower.

EPM 316
In this shot Brian can be seen studying his local QRM source in great detail.

EPM 316
This very impressive shot shows the top half of the mast and 'Capacity Hat'.

EPM 316
This shot shows the NATS sign at the entrance to the NDB's compound.

We're very grateful to Brian and John for the use of their pictures, and if you have shots of your own that you would also like to see on display here in the NDB List Photo Gallery, we would love to hear from you too!

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