In July 2006 the NDB List held one of its regular monthly 'CLEs' (Co-ordinated Listening Events), but this one was a bit different to the regular ones; it featured "Local NDBs". For this event list members were invited to try to gather as much information about their local NDBs as they could, and if at all possible, try and supply any photographs of them as well. The response was excellent, with 41 images sent in, and below you can see the photos that Don sent in for it, which shows the NDB SB on 397 kHz at San Bernardino in California, the antenna used is a 'T' Antenna.

NOTE# - Please note that all of the following pictures are copyright of the sender, and should not be re-produced without first obtaining the permission of the picture's owner - please ask us for Don's contact details if you should wish to make contact with him.

SB 397
This NDB at San Bernardino in California, USA is a 'T' Antenna.

SB 397
In this shot of the inside of the compound you can see an old dismantled lattice tower on the ground near to the NDB housing.

SB 397
The transmitter housing, as seen from another angle.

SB 397
In this shot you can see the centre of the 'T' Antenna coming down towards the ground.

SB 397
Another shot of the 'T' Antenna, note the insulator mounted on the pole at the bottom.

SB 397
In this final shot you can clearly see the two wooden poles supporting the 'T' Antenna. Note the climbing grips on the pole, and the guy wire supporting it.

We're very grateful to Don for the use of his pictures, and if you have shots of your own that you would also like to see on display here in the NDB List Photo Gallery, we would love to hear from you too!

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