Another superb collection of NDB images which were kindly supplied by Nicolas Pelatan, F4DTL, and feature the NDBs 'LL' (Lille), 'MO' (Macon), 'SNE' (Cap Senetoze, Corsica), 'TA' and 'TH' (Villacoublay). SNE is now closed, but as you will see in the excellent pictures below, this was a very impressive looking NDB, and situated in a very nice location on the French island of Corsica.

Many French NDBs use the characteristic Mode A1A with a zero Hz offset, where idents appear exactly on the carrier frequency. All of the beacons shown here, with the exception of 'LL', have these 'zero' offsets, with the ident being transmitted on the exact carrier frequency, 'LL' has an an upper and lower sideband spaced at plus/minus 400Hz either side of the carrier, and transmitted in the AM (Non A2A) mode. All of the NDBs shown here with the exception of 'SNE' are the 'Monopole' types, which have a large capacity hat, and what looks like a top loading/matching coil just beneath them.

NOTE# All of the following pictures are copyright Nicolas Pelatan, and should not be re-produced with out first obtaining his permission - please ask me for his contact details if you should require them.

MO 332
MO on 400 kHz - Charnay Airport, Macon. This beacon serves Macon's Charnay Airport (LFLM) and is located at N4617.5 E00447.6 It has a listed range of 25nm, and is operation 24H. In this shot you can see the capacity hat at the top of the Monopole.

MO 332
Charnay Airport, Macon. This shot shows the NDB and mast in its compound. According to AERAD this is a Locator Beacon.

MO 400
This shot shows the feed point and matching unit at the base of the mast.

TH 302
Velizy Airport, Villacoublay. This beacon serves Velizy Airport (LFPV) and is located at N4846.7 E00222.7. This one also operates 24H, and operates in Mode A1A, with the ident transmitted on the carrier frequency.

TH 302
This shot, taken on a beautiful Sunny day, shows the capacity hat on this Monopole type antenna, and you can also see the hazard lights near the top of the mast too. This is also used as a Locator Beacon.

TH 302
Velizy Airport, Villacoublay. This shot, shows Velizy's other NDB, which is also a Monopole type with capacity hat. This one is in a rural location, too and according to AERAD is 3.95nm from the threshold of runway 09.

TH 302
Lille Lesquin International Airport. This beacon serves Lille Lesquin Airport (LFQQ) and is located at N5034.9 E00312.9 It has a listed range of 25nm. In this shot you can see what looks like a base loaded guyed vertical mast, in a very rural location.

SNE 394.5
SNE on 394.5 kHz - Cap Senetoze, Corsica. This beacon is now closed, but appears to have been a 'waypoint' type NDB. It was located at N4133.5 E00847.9. AERAD from 2006 shows this has having a range of just 15nm, but the tall mast suggests that the terrain demanded something at greater height to give sufficient coverage.

SNE 394.5
This shot shows the capacity hat and top loading coil on this Monopole antenna. This NDB had a 'zero' offset, and transmitted the ident on the listed carrier frequency (Mode A1A), which is typical of a great many French NDBs.

SNE 394.5
Always a very sad sight for NDB enthusiasts, this rack of coils is looking very corroded now near the base of the antenna.

SNE 394.5
Another shot of the base of the old NDB. Rust in peace old friend!

SNE 394.5
In this shot you can see the taps on the old coils and the insulators.

SNE 394.5
A nice shot of this old Ampmeter, which shows a maximum current of 5 amps. That probably suggests that this beacon didn't run very high power.

SNE 394.5
These insulators look like they're in good condition, but you can see from the marks on the wall and the rusting of the metalwork that the salty sea air in this location is rapidly corroding them.

SNE 394.5
A superb shot of the NDB mast and the nearby Lighthouse. This NDB was also listed in old Marine listings such as the Admiralty Lists, and was likely also used by many mariners as well.

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