This page contains more wonderful images of the NDB "IZN - 432.0 kHz at Lincolnton, NC, and these were supplied by Tucker Sizemore of Huntersville, NC. This beacon must be in the running for the "most popular beacon" award, and its great to see another great batch of shots to complement the ones from Steve Koone, which can be seen here. Our thanks to Tucker for being kind enough to share these great pics of IZN with us!

NOTE# - All of the following pictures are copyright T. Sizemore, and should not be re-produced with out first obtaining the permission of the owner - please contact us for his details.


IZN 432 (118kb)

IZN 432 (51kb)

IZN 432 (90kb)

IZN 432 (92kb)

IZN 432 (90kb)

IZN 432 (90kb)

We're very grateful to Tucker for the use of his pictures, and if you have shots of your own that you would also like to see on display here in the NDB List Photo Gallery we would love to hear from you too!

NDB List Picture Gallery

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