The NDB List is a 'private' group for DXers who are interested in Non Directional Radiobeacons, MF, HF & VHF Propagation Beacons, Cluster Beacons and all kinds of other radiobeacons, and we try to cover them all. The group was formed back in November 1998, and currently has around 600 members in over 40 countries. You won't find it listed in many places though, not because it is some sort of secret society or anything sinister like that, but because we like the group to remain 'private' and are very proud that we have managed to retain a very friendly atmosphere, and avoid the spammers and flame wars that have ruined many other good 'open' e-mail reflectors in the past. Such people would not be at all welcome in our group, and would very quickly find themselves removed and banned from ever re-subscribing again without delay.

In spite of it being a private group we do welcome any enthusiasts who have an interest in beacons, but we do like to know who it is that wants to join us, and we will query any suspicious looking e-mail addresses that apply for membership. This may seem like a hard line, but it has worked very well to date, and our members appreciate our attempts to retain the group's very welcoming feel and security.

From November 2010 the group expanded its activities to allow the increasingly popular datamodes such as NAVTEX, and this now has its own dedicated list called the 'NAVTEX DX' group, and we also cover DGPS, LORAN and Time Signal Stations on the DGPS List, and from 2013, the DSC / GMDSS enthusiasts now have their very own dedicated group as well. All of these groups will work just as they did before, with the RNA-REU-RWW Team harvesting the logs from them for inclusion in the online database, and our Awards Scheme will also cover them, and we will even have the odd CLE taking place on them from time to time. We would like to encourage all current NDB List members who may have an interest in these modes to migrate to the new groups, and to post their logs and tips there rather than on the NDB List (though if you only post logs very occasionally and feel it isn't worth joining then it's still okay to post them on the NDB List). Any potential new members who develop an interest in these modes are more than welcome to join us. With the rapid growth in membership of the NDB List, and the fact that it often has well over 1,000 postings per month during the Winter DX Season, moving these modes to their own dedicated groups should help to keep unwanted post levels down for members who aren't at all interested in them, whilst at the same time, allowing the new groups to grow and expand in their own right and at their own pace. We hope that existing members will support this new idea, and non-members who have no interest in NDBs, but do like these datamodes, will find things a lot more welcoming now.

The links below will take you directly to the appropriate group sign up pages, though you can also find more specific details on how to join them in the Datamodes section on this website.

To join or find out more about the NDB List Group click here: here:
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To join or find out more about the NAVTEX DX Group click here: here:
To join or find out more about the DSC / GMDSS Group click here: here:

To contact us about any other matters please e-mail to:  webmaster at   (you'll need to replace the 'at' with an @ symbol)

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