On this page you will find some wonderful pictures of several of the Australian NDBs, it's very interesting to note the different style of towers used in Australia. My thanks to Dale Hughes for sharing these pictures with us, and giving us a the opportunity to see what the beacons 'down under' look like. The first picture in the list shows the transmitter housing of WOL, and the aerial feeder connection. No doubt the larger sized masts indicate a greater coverage area than many of the smaller UK type systems. You will also find a very rare and unusual shot of an Antarctic NDB, This is a picture of the NDB transmitter at Davis Station in Antarctica, and Dale took the photo when he was there in 1994. Its call sign was VLI, and it operated over the summer months to support helicopter flights in the region.

NOTE# - All of the following pictures are copyright Dale Hughes VK2DSH, and should not be re-produced with out first obtaining the permission of the owner - please contact us for his details.

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WOL-WollongongWOL on 239 kHz

The NDB at Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia. (67kb)
WOL-Wollongong TXWOL on 239 kHz

A close up shot of the WOL Transmitter housing and aerial feedpoint. (73kb)
WOL-WollongongAnother shot of WOL-239 kHz

The aerial masts of WOL at Wollongong, NSW. (43kb)
WOL-Wollongong TowerWOL Aerial Tower

This is a close up shot of one of the aerial towers of the WOL aerial. (34kb)
CB-CanberraCB 263 kHz

This NDB is a located at Canberra, in New South Wales. (41kb)
CB-Canberra TCB Towers

A closer shot of the two towers and 'T' antenna at CB - Canberra. (27kb)
CB-CanberraAnother shot of CB on 263 kHz

Another view of the Canberra NDB Towers. (39kb)
CB-Canberra TowerCB Aerial Towers

A close up shot of the Canberra NDB Tower. (43kb)


This is shot of the 'VLI' NDB transmitter at Davis Station in Antarctica. (56kb)


Below are the wonderfully colourful photgraphs of beacon KAT. This one is located at Katoomba, New South Wales, in Australia (S33:42.6 E150:18.0). It is co-sited with a microwave communications tower in the Blue Mountains, to the west of Sydney.

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We're very grateful to Dale for the use of his pictures, and if you have shots of your own that you would also like to see on display here in the NDB List Photo Gallery, we would love to hear from you too!

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