This page contains more wonderful images sent to us by Steve Koone, and these include the beacons IZN on 432 kHz from Lincolnton, NC, and PYG on 270 kHz from Pageland, SC. As well as a whole bunch of great pictures, there are also recordings of the beacons' idents too. Our thanks to Steve for sharing these goodies with us.

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Steve says that this beacon is a 25 watter, and he suspects as usual that it is a Southern Avionics transmitter. Looking at the insulator out the top of the box, it's the type that S/A sells. The pictures were taken on a cloudy day and the antenna wires blend into the grey-ness of the day, but you can still see the two long horizontal wires, which are fed in the middle. To see some more shots of this beacon, check out Tucker Sizemore's page, which can be seen here

IZN - 432 kHz: Click here to hear a recording of this beacon (18.2kb).

Click on the thumbnail to see the full sized image:
IZN 432 (70.8kb) IZN 432 (61.3kb) IZN 432 (70.9kb) IZN 432 (177kb)


Steve says that he had never seen a beacon antenna of this particular design before, and he wished that his camera could have picked it up a bit more clearly. He describes the antenna s follows: "Looking at the first photo, think of a square. Then place a letter X inside the square with the X touching all four corners. The feedpoint is in the middle (as shown in a nother photo). So you end up with a wire X inside of a wire square. Yup, it's another S/A transmitter, and 25 watts of course. This one sits near the end of the runway along the side of the road and is very accessible". Steve also mentions that the population is much less in this region as there is very little modern industry, and he's really quite surprised that Pageland has a beacon, less alone an airport. It was quite dead looking, with no activity at all, though perhaps there is more activity during the weekdays. Pageland is 50 miles South East of Charlotte NC.

PYG - 270 kHz: Click here to hear a recording of this beacon (26.6kb).

Click on the thumbnail to see the full sized image:
PYG 270 (139kb) PYG 270 (139kb) PYG 270 (139kb) PYG 270 (139kb)

PYG 270 (139kb) PYG 270 (139kb) PYG 270 (139kb)

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We're very grateful to Steve for the use of his pictures, and if you have shots of your own that you would also like to see on display here in the NDB List Photo Gallery, we would love to hear from you too!

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