In July 2006 the NDB List held one of its regular monthly 'CLEs' (Co-ordinated Listening Events), but this one was a bit different to the regular ones; it featured "Local NDBs". For this event list members were invited to try to gather as much information about their local NDBs as they could, and if at all possible, try and supply any photographs of them as well. The response was excellent, with 41 images sent in, and below you can take a look at the images send in by Václav Dosudil (our thanks to Karel Honzik for forwarding these).

NOTE# - Please note that all of the following pictures are copyright of Václav, and should not be re-produced without first obtaining the permission of the picture's owner - please ask us for his contact details if you should wish to make contact with him.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized images:

C 319C on 319 kHz

This NDB is located at Prerov in the Czech Republic. Quite an impressive array of guy wires and markers in view. (165.0kb)
CK 441CK on 441 kHz

This substantial NDB is located at Prerov in the Czech Republic in a lovely rural location. (196.0kb)
KNE 434KNE on 434 kHz

Similar in style to the previous NDB, this one is also co-located with a marker. The location for this one is at Kunovice in the Czech Republic. (142.0kb)
KUN 416KUN on 416 kHz
Also located at Kunovice in the Czech Republic, this one not only has a marker co-located, but also has a very large mast visible in the background too, which Karel tells me is one of the two masts of Topolná LW transmitter on 270 kHz. (123.0kb)

We're very grateful to Václav for the use of his pictures, and if you have shots of your own that you would also like to see on display here in the NDB List Photo Gallery, we would love to hear from you too!

NDB List Picture Gallery

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