Another superb collection of NDB images which were kindly supplied by Nicolas Pelatan, F4DTL, and this time featuring the NDBs: 'DSA 351' Dieppe, 'MV 434' Villaroche, 'BLB 397' Blois, 'CC 391' Chalons sur Saone, 'SZA 349,5' Military Solenzara Corsica, and 'RY 427' Royan.

Many French NDBs use the characteristic Mode A1A with a zero Hz offset, where idents appear exactly on the carrier frequency, and many of the beacons shown here have/had the characteristic 'zero' offsets, with the ident being transmitted on the exact carrier frequency (Note# At the moment a lot of the French NDBs are being converted to 400Hz offsets).

NOTE# All of the following pictures are copyright Nicolas Pelatan, and should not be re-produced with out first obtaining his permission - please ask us for his contact details if you should require them.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized images:

BLB 397BLB 397 kHz

Blois, Le Breuil Airport. This beacon serves Blois' Le Breuil Airport (LFOQ), and is located at N4740.4 E00112.2 It has a listed range of 25nm, and is operation 24H. In this shot you can see the guyed vertical mast and transmitter housing. (142.0 kb)
CC 391CC on 391 kHz

Chalons Champforgeuil Airport. This shot shows the NDB at Chalons Champforgeuil Airport at Chalons-sur-SaƓne (LFLH), and is located at N4643.3 E00450.6 It has a listed range of 25nm, and is operation 24H. This is listed as a Locator Outer Marker (LOM) and is another guyed vertical. (144.0 kb)
DSA 351DSA on 351 kHz

St. Aubin Airport, Dieppe. This shot shows the NDB at St. Aubin Airport in Dieppe (LFAB), and is located at N4953.0 E00105.0. This is a Monopole type antenna, and you can see the capacity hat at the top of the mast. (343.0 kb)
MV 434MV on 434 kHz

Airport Villaroche, Melun. This shot shows the NDB at Villaroche Airport, Melun (LFPM), and is located at N4833.2 E00258.7 It has a listed range of 25nm, and is operation 24H. This marvelous 'aerial' shot shows the guyed vertical and transmitter housing as seen from an aircraft. (343.0 kb)
RY 427RY on 427 kHz

Royan Airport (Aeroport de Medis). This beacon Royan Airport (LFCY) and is located at N4537.0 W00052.0 This has a listed range of 25nm and operates 24H, in Mode A1A. The guyed vertical can be seen here at the left-hand side of the picture. (219.0 kb)
SZA 349,5SZA on 349,5 kHz

Solenzara Military Base, Corsica. This shot, shows this military NDB which is located at the military airfield (LFKS), and is located at N44156.0 E00923.6, and with a range of 60nm. This is a Monopole type antenna, and you can see the capacity hat at the top of the mast in this shot.(219.0 kb)

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We're very grateful to Nicolas for the use of his pictures, and if you have shots of your own that you would also like to see on display here in the NDB List Photo Gallery, we would love to hear from you too!

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