On this page you will find some images of the VOR Beacon at Manchester International Airport (EGCC) in the north western part of the United Kingdom. This VOR is situated at the south side of Runway 23L/05R, and it operated on 113.550 MHz with the callsign of 'MCT'. The construction of this one is similar to the one at Pole Hill, except that the small antenna on this one is not offset from the centre, and there is no brick building underneath the frame housing the transmitting equipment.

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Manchester VORMCT on 113.55 MHz:

This Google Earth screen shot from 2009 shows the position of the VOR, and you can also see what looks like the old VOR just off to the right, though I couldn't confirm if this was still there or not because there is a large earth mound now blocking the view. (320.0kb)
Manchester VORMCT on 113.55 MHz:

Close up shot of the VOR taken from the crash gate at the south side or Runway 05R. (257.0kb)
Manchester VORMCT on 113.55 MHz:

Another view of the VOR complete with Thomson airliner coming in to land. (255.0kb)
Manchester VORMCT on 113.55 MHz:

I just took this shot because smaller aircraft tend to land further down the runway and I wanted to catch one passing over the VOR, the aircraft was the Greater Manchester Police Brittan Islander Aircraft callsign G-GMPB (Police 151). (200.0kb)
Manchester VORMCT on 113.55 MHz:

The view of the VOR from behind the crash gates. (319.0kb)
Manchester VORMCT on 113.55 MHz:

Another view of the VOR, this time from the north side of the airfield at the Aviation Viewing Park. (239.0kb)
Manchester VORMCT on 113.55 MHz:

Another view from the north side of the field, this time with an easyJet 'Chav Chariot' just coming in to land. (215.0kb)

Not really relevant to this gallery, but I just couldn't resist it, this is where one of the old British Airways Concorde aircraft now lives (G-BOAC), and the good folks who run the Aviation Viewing Park there have even built a shell to protect it from the elements, so you can now take guided tours around this legendary aircraft. (195.0kb)

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